YANZEO S9000 Non-Stop Dynamic Intelligent Weighing Code Scanning Machine

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YANZEO S9000 Non-Stop Dynamic Intelligent Weighing Code Scanning Machine

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YANZEO S9000   Volume measuring instrument

Non-stop dynamic intelligent weighing code scanning machine configuration list

Computer Setup

Intel dual-core processor solid state drive 4BG memory

  1. Non-stop operation standard model about 1200pcs per hour
  2. Work surface bandwidth 600* length 800 (total device width 800)
  3. Work surface bandwidth 800* length 800 (total device width 1000)
  4. Work surface bandwidth 800* length 1000 (total device width 1000)
  5. Fixed measuring height of 65 cm which can be adjusted according to customer requirements, weighing 60KG error 20,g Visual area 600*800, Volume measurement 70*70*70 Error 1cm

Remarks: Standard speed is about 1200 votes per hour, size support customization, industrial computer configuration: (Intel Core E system CPU + Kingston 8G memory + GALAXY solid state drive + high power + modern 19-inch display), HD 6 million industrial camera ( Includes 12-16MM HD lens) 4pcs, light, keyboard, mouse, weighing display (self-equipped speaker), weighing countertop, automatic delivery line, self- transporting control board, etc., light control device and circuit, operating software, wood Box packaging

A set of mouse and keyboard and a set of speakers

Modern 19-inch computer display

Electronic Scale

High-speed weighing instrument A7

Taiwan Marvin force sensor NA-4

Image Identification


Hikvision industrial brand camera 2-4 pcs customized / a set of smart binocular 3D camera

12mm-16mm 2-4pcs of high-definition lenses


A set of Taiwan inverter motor

2 sets of LED Fill light source

A set of camera power supply

Belt Countertop

Size:50*60 60*80 80*80 100*100

Customized according to customer needs

The size of the countertop determines the number of camera installations




1200 pieces per hour for conventional processing

Integrated Bracket  

 A set of Customized integrated bracket

After service

 Free one year warranty, wooden box machine delivery, no need to install, remote debugging


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